My anxiety is really bad right now and I don’t know why??

Dean Winchester being pretty in Sharp teeth 9.12

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The difference between learning a modern language and an ancient language is that in first year French you learn “Where is the bathroom?” and “How do I get to the train station?” and in first year Attic Greek or Latin you learn “I have judged you worthy of death” and “The tyrant had everyone in the city killed.”

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I’m poison.

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The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you

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im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me

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DeanCas spam - [68/?]

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a dean winchester s9 appreciation

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Chris Evans + swearing.


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i literally just thought to myself “wow halloween is almost over” but then i remembered that the entire month of october isnt halloween and halloween is actually only one day and hasnt even started yet

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when i have a crush on someone i can never tell if they have a mutual crush on me or if i’m just noticing and exaggerating every bit of attention i’m getting from them and amplifying it into something it’s not

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